Our Services

Core Business Activities

First Parking core business activities are as follows:-

  • Car Park Management & Operations
  • Car Park Consultancy
  • Supply of Parking and Access Control Equipment
  • Survey of road and car park traffic
  • Supply of building surveillance system

However, the company primary services expertise is car park management and consultancy.

We realize that there is a trend in most cities that the car park owners outsource the car park management task to the professional car park management companies. This has proven to be very popular since they realize that parking is a specialist industry best left to the professionals. Furthermore parking industry is much relate to the transport system and technology which require continuous upgrading to keep up with the industry development. This include smart card application, online payment, common card usage, onsite payment system and up to date security system. First Parking has international network and knowledge that will ensure its client will enjoy the latest system available in the market. Moreover the parking manager is able to reduce the operational cost due to the economics of scale they have enjoyed by practising bulk purchasing on parking equipment and having lower administration costs.

First Parking also offer consultancy services especially to property owners who intend to construct a new building. An efficient car park is actually depend on the design of car park and how the parking spaces are allocated to the prospect tenants and visitors. This important evaluation definitely require an input from car park expert who will work closely with the architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, business planners or even town planners. First Parking will assist property owners in making decision for issues related to number of parking bays required, number of entries and exits, type of building structure, location of entries and exits, internal and external traffic flow, directional signages, suitable parking system, parking allocation ratios for tenants and security systems. If the car park is poorly designed then most likely the cost of operations will be higher and on certain cases the car park cannot generate high turnover due to visitors hesitation to park their vehicle at the car park.

Benefits To Car Park Owners

Building owners will enjoy a lot of benefits by appointing First Parking as their car park manager.
This include the following:-

  • Maximum financial return from the car park operations
  • Highest standard of service quality
  • Improvement on car park outlook
  • Quick decision making on car park matters
  • First Parking will act as a buffer to the building owners and handle all parking related queries, thus allowing the building owners to concentrate on their core responsibilities.
  • First Parking will assist the building owners on any car park matters that relate to government and authorities.
  • Continuous consultancy services

Leave It To The Car Park Expert

In today’s competitive and dynamic business environment, property owners and building managers are facing many challenges namely to boost productivity, increase customers satisfaction, improve quality, reduce cost and create a safe environment. However most property owners know that they cannot do everything themselves mainly due to lack of expertise on certain areas such as security, parking or cleaning and most importantly it is not economical for them to employ experts for limited number of projects. Therefore one of the best solution to this problem is outsourcing.

Nowadays, outsourcing is gaining popular as an excellent business strategy in a fast changing technological environment. By outsourcing, the property owners and the building managers can focus on their core businesses while meeting and tackling the various challenges.

Outsourcing can provide any organization to the benefit of increase in business productivity and efficiency. For a continuous improvement, companies have to spend money on research, marketing and development on business procedures which they can outsource the task for non-core process to the experts. Outsourcing can help the companies to reduce labour and infrastructure costs because hiring and training staff for a short-term projects is expensive. Outsourcing also provide the opportunity for companies to access to a specialized services that have been offered by the outsourcing companies. By outsourcing, indirectly companies is able to hire experts and specialists who can provide services more efficient than their existing manpower.

Parking Management As A Non Core Expertise To Some Property Owners

Most of property owners have been focusing on their core expertise namely constructing the marketable properties, choosing a viable financing, finding a right buyers and tenants or even finding ways to add value to their properties. However in order to ensure the overall success of the property, the owners have to engage the qualified and capable team to maintain and continuously create value to their property which covers the aspects of cleaning, security and parking.

For example by having an efficient and well managed car park, the property value can be increased from the positive assessment by the tenants, authorities and public. It is sad to notice that there were cases where the highly invested properties have failed to attract tenants and visitors due to a poorly managed car park.

Parking As Front Door To Any Building

It is important to note that parking condition is always be seen as the first building impression to the visitors. A well designed and managed car park will give a positive image to the building and people will remember in a long time if the car park is poorly managed. Apart of smooth traffic flow, public and building tenants are expecting a friendly parking system, adequate signages, easy access to the main building and excellent security in the car park.

Therefore people’s impression on car park will reflect the overall impression on the overall management of the building.

Parking Provide An Attractive Financial Return

With a competitive business environment especially in property sector, most building owners have to work hard to find a maximum return to their investment. No doubt parking is one of the area that the building owners can rely on for their financial return.

However they need to appoint a management team that has expertise in maximizing the financial return through an effective parking system, aggressive marketing, comprehensive revenue control system and know how to add value to the car park.

First Parking As Your Professional Parking Manager

First Parking has been incorporated to provide an efficient and professional parking service to car parks in this region. The Company’s management team has more than 15 years experience in car park industry and our main strength is our ability to maximize the car park financial return and improve the car park service to the highest level. Our team has extensive experience in managing different types of car parks including office buildings, shopping complexes, airports, hospitals, transport terminals, open air parking, recreational centres, restaurants, universities, street parking and hotels.

As part of our working procedure, we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and assessment to our customers car parks before we formulate the best proposal to the respective client. Our management team has been trained to identify the key success factors of each car park and will find the right system and parking policy to suit each car park requirement.